energy fields, communication between our souls
"Because of questioning the issue of representation by the image (or eidolon, ie image - soul), I began to live with my own ghosts , these positive energies: it is true that the being exists only along the haunted - covered by other beings , ghosts(1). This energy of missing human beings, this vital force, the enormon of Hippocrates, this internal fire, this intimate vibration(2), all this is also the "subphysical" world of the quantic model, the eidola of Epicurean physics, kind of double travellers who remain invisible during their journey but are at the origin of the mental image, phantasy, phantasm [ϕάνταὓμα], or... ghost. Magic of the light. It is not indeed one of the purposes of art to surprise this meeting, the mood, the most minute particles , the dust of emotion that surrounds the objects ...(3). In Finland, ghost, the haamu double, is ubiquitous: we are all surrounded by our doubles, an auratic and protective presence that moves in spacetime: through psychopompe, it will look for answers in the world of the dead; he has the gift of a suprasensible "viewing"... just like the image has always tried to represent the invisible. As the mirror returns an ambiguous picture (what actually is it?), it can trap our own double , and as I assemble my pictures, my objects as much negative reversals , suggestions of reality. I enjoy the homonym of the word spectrum , pointing at once the world beyond, by imperceptible definition and representation of electromagnetic radiation - light - or other pointed topological spaces ... to represent the identity of the body or the soul.
As in a mirror: you are not the reflection, but the reflection is you. Or remember that images are not what they seem to be." fr

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